Thursday, 21 February 2013

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Our site aims to present the world with a simple and fairly limited selection of recipes from the finest regions in Italy. This is a great challenge we have decided to take on and which could only be motivated by the great passion that stirs our very hearts and minds. The dishes below are, as mentioned previously, typical of the various regions of Italy, and involve a fantastic variety of recipes. We are proud to be considered the country of the healthy “Mediterranean diet”, which we will discuss further on. The Mediterranean diet is also, quite possibly, why we have been classified as the longest-living people in Europe and the second longest-living in the world! But we are digressing. Let us instead browse the site which has been designed to ensure your easy and pleasant surfing experience, in the search of the many dishes which represent only a taste of the many more to come. Our hope is not to bore you but to offer you useful advice that can satisfy your curiosity and, of course, your palate. Happy browsing!

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